When people drink tea, they may put a tea bag or tea basket of loose tea leaves into a cup or a tea pot. Once the tea leaves has steeped long enough, the tea bag or basket should be taken away to avoid getting the bitter taste from over-brewing. The damp tea bag or basket is usually put aside or left exposed, sometimes even waiting for a second brew. To make things easier and neater, the Portable Teapress is designed. It is a portable tea maker that works with a cup or a teapot. By pushing the plastic press upwards and downwards inside the stainless steel infuser, the tea goes through a long, short or perfect brew according to the user’s personal preference. Once brewing is complete, push the press all the way down to trap the tea leaves at the bottom. This stops the brewing process and there is no need to remove the wet infuser. This means one can make a cup of tea anywhere since the tea press is so convenient to carry around and it can be used with any tea cup or tea pot.

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