The PSM can absorb energy from sunlight to quicken charging, and at the same time, it can also give electric power to mobile phones, cameras, tablets and other electronic products with a quick charging function, as well as stable and secure electric currents. The PSM solar panels can be connected and fixed through a spindle, and each section of the solar panel can be rotated 180 degrees. As the solar panel can be folded for storage, it is convenient to carry around. The spindle is internally provided with an electrical function and it can charge by connecting to electric power in a series. The mirror panel interface installed on the Portable Solar Modules serves as a power storage indicator. It is simply designed with visual information to help users to retrieve information on the power at any time. The PSM simplex solar panel can be randomly moulded into any desired shape for charging. It can be combined with a backpack or attached to shoulder straps to allow users to charge their equipment while travelling or outdoors. The product can be placed for charging wherever there is sunlight. The simplex solar panel is triangular in shape –fashionable, simple and modern.

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