The Pop-Up Habitat is a modular and lightweight multi-purpose structural system. Inspired by the reflective panels commonly used in photography, the Pop-Up Habitat makes use of and exaggerates the inherent qualities of these panels: rigidity, flexibility and collapsibility. Pop-up modules are easily attached to each other with Velcro. Each module consists of two halves that can be collapsed into small independent packages.

The design uses flexible spring steel rings combined with soft fabric. The soft structure allows the Pop-up Habitat to fold into a fraction of its expanded size while its geometry allows it to be used as a freestanding structure able to span large spaces. The design is instantly deployable, and goes from flat panels to enclosed tent in just minutes.

The Pop-Up Habitat is customisable and has been deployed as an auditorium, gallery, canopy, shelter and tent in diverse areas: historical, commercial, suburban and city centre, inside and outside. Modules can be formed into arches and rooms, linear spaces or stacked vertically to create multi-story freestanding structures. They can be connected to one another to create an infinitely expandable temporary city.

Pop-Up Habitat can serve as an educational product, helping children to learn about architecture. Anyone can be a builder, constructing their own building and customising the shape to fit their own needs.

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