The aim of the Planter system is to make the connections between knowing, growing and cooking. It encourages young people in urban areas to become more conscientious of the production of their food by providing them with the skills and knowledge to grow and use food easily. The user would purchase a themed ‘starter kit ’ which would come with the seed dispensing tool, instructions for growing, recipes, 3 medium-sized pots, potting mix and a themed set of seed compartments. All equipment and resources provided are aimed at minimising the amount of storage space needed, including a range of single-use pesticides and fertiliser products. The seed dispenser tool plays a key role in making gardening convenient. It allows the user to measure how deep to release seeds and provides a mess free way of dispersing seeds. Divots for the seeds are made by pushing the dispenser down into the soil, going only as far as the guide down the bottom of the tool. Once the hole has been made, lift and squeeze to release a seed pellet. The tool uses seed compartments containing pre-packaged seed pellets. General information for growing is printed on the side of each seed compartment. Each seed compartment is loaded into the dispenser for use and can be stored in the starter kit packaging. The Planter application helps to keep the user motivated throughout the stages of growth. Additionally, it sends notifications to the user to remind them about watering, steps to help the plants reach their full potential and what recipes can be used as the plants reach harvesting.

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