In the world, about one-third of people have a chronic sleep disturbance problem. For these people, PEAR aims to improve their sleep experience by facilitating the process of falling asleep and reducing noise during sleep so that they would feel more refreshed upon waking up. Unlike other sleeping products, PEAR does not only provide a tracking function and accurate sleeping data, it also optimises the whole sleeping experience from sleep preparation to waking up. To monitor sleeping patterns, PEAR incorporates smart sensors in the ear buds that are able to measure brain waves, body movements, temperature and heart rate. The ear buds are connected to a cellphone with Bluetooth. Paired with a smartphone application; it can provide a hypnotic synthesis of sounds for sleep maintenance and sleep encouragement. The ability to record and analyse a person’s sleeping conditions and patterns enables the product analytics to lower the music volume gradually at the proper time and rouse the sleeper at the most convenient and comfortable moment. Due to the ergonomically considered shape, the ear buds fits perfectly in the ear without any pressure or discomfort and provides sound isolation after falling asleep. To better improve sleep hygiene, the ear buds are linked to a touch control to prevent the cellphone from emitting blue light that disturbs the sleep. Through different finger gestures, it can operate basic functions such as the ‘on/off’ control, Bluetooth pairing, volume control, music switch and snooze mode. By working with a portable and wireless charger, PEAR is easy to store and provides a peaceful sleep session wherever and whenever it is needed.

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