Peaceful House is a laundry machine that aims to improve the sanitation and efficiency of doing laundry in a share house by allowing each resident’s laundry basket to function as a washing machine cylinder. n this way, the finished washing loads can be easily switched out for a new load. Using Peaceful House allows two loads of laundry to be done at the same time while providing for a more sanitary washing process and eliminating the need to wash a laundry bag. The user interface of Peaceful House is intuitive and functions like conventional washing machines but added with a memo function that indicates the next user in queue. When the laundry basket is placed into the laundry machine, the water comes up from the bottom of the basket. This activates the spin and wash process. When the washing is done, simply pull the laundry basket upwards and the water goes out from the bottom of the basket, which kickstarts the spin and dry process.

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