The challenge of this project was to bring a sense of wonder and curiosity back into the lives of the many hard working people who rarely leave their residential and work areas. Parallel Window for Bus Travellers is an interactive electronic billboard for bus stops that connects to scenes of daily life from around the world. The bus stop, one of the most common items of public furniture today, was the main inspiration for this project.

Parallel Window is installed at bus stops around the world, and creates a network. Real-time scenery is captured from each bus stop through an integrated camera, and sent to another bus stop elsewhere in the world. The live streaming video is screened on the billboard in life size, as if the spaces are physically merged together.

Public space can be expanded to any place where there’s a bus stop. People can experience a new space-time, taking window gazing into a whole new level. The concept also encourages people to exchange greetings by sending a friendly message. It illustrates what digital technology can do to improve daily life.

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