When a woman buys too much make-up, they face the problem of not being able to use them up before the expiry date. OS Cosmetics proposes as a new type of disposable make-up to help women manage this problem. OS Cosmetics stand for ‘one sheet cosmetics’ – the next great breakthrough in make-up products. The range offers 7 types of cosmetics: eye shadows, eyeliners, brow shapers, foundation, blushers, concealers and lip glosses. Each piece of OS Cosmetics is essentially a sheet of make-up with a paper card backing and a protective film. Simply remove the film to use the makeup. A wide-range of colours is offered to accommodate any occasion. All OS cosmetics come in a standardised size and shape so that the sheets can be stacked and stored into a customised OS Cosmetics case. OS Cosmetics have three main features: firstly, it is disposable; secondly, it guarantees clean and fresh cosmetics with every use; and lastly, every product is thin, light and ultra-portable. Because each piece of cosmetic can be thrown away after use, it does not become a load in the bag. This entirely new way of using cosmetics won the UDN Design Award in 2014 and was supported by uDesign, a shopping platform for the best design brands in Taiwan.

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