While earphones are popular by virtue of their ultra portability, the tangling of cables often causes frustration for their users. Tangling results when the cables are twisted into knots in the bag or pocket when the user is on the move, with the earbuds and audio jack interweaving in and out and creating a bird nest of cords. Therefore, a study revealed that the best solution is to bundle the open ends (earbuds and audio jack) together, and that can effectively keep the cables tangle-free. Unlike earphones in the current market which rely mostly on additional components such as cable tidies or clips, One-Third is designed as a standalone measure that can solve the tangling issue. The earbuds and audio jack in One-Third are designed on the basis of a polygonal relationship, bonding the two seamlessly via strong magnetic force. This is a genuine approach to the re-designing of existing earphones — by transforming the factors of form and shapes, and implementing magnetic function to enhance their practicality for users.

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