There are problems with existing ways of sticking paper onto the wall. The process of pulling and cutting tape can be complicated and annoying. Additionally, it is difficult to organise little note papers on the wall. Also, fingerprint stains often contaminate the tape, resulting in poor adherence. On the other hand, strong tapes will spoil both the paper and the wall paint. What is needed is an easy way to stick paper onto the wall neatly. O stamper is a taping and presentation tool. When the tape is closing in on the wall, a laser beam guides the edges of the paper for precise attaching before a stamping stick secures the paper onto the wall. It is a convenient method that also makes use of coloured dots tapes to organise the information. The ‘dot’ tapes are available in five colours that help categorise the information on the wall. The tape has adequate adhesiveness but it can also be easily and cleanly removed. O stamper utilises a cartridge system. The round tapes are stacked up in a transparent cartridge case. To change the cartridge, slide half the cartridge body along the parting line. Different coloured tapes can be used to categorise information. Physically, there is a laser beam with a proximity sensor that turns on as it reaches the target. O stamper is a simple and neat design solution to facilitate the creating and sharing of ideas.

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