Three models of Natural Dehumidifier are available to suit different settings and environment. To re-use the dehumidifiers, simply dry each one for 2 to 3 minutes in a microwave oven, or 1-2 days in the sunlight. The ‘water bottle’ dehumidifier This is a bottle-shaped natural dehumidifier that can absorb humidity into the bottle. It can be hung in a closet or kept in a dead space of a drawer. It can also be hung between clothes to remove excess moisture from them. The ‘water bowl’ dehumidifier A bowl-like natural dehumidifier, it can be installed on the wall or placed on the floor. A gel pad is attached to the back of the bowl, where it comes into contact with the wall, so that the adhesive will not damage the wall finishing when removed. The ‘water vacuum’ dehumidifier This ‘water vacuum’ can be used to wick away moisture or odour in the shoes, especially after workouts or prolonged wear, and thus, preventing the propagation of bacteria. It is especially useful for boots that are hard to dry, or shoes that cannot be washed.

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