Muyishi’s Adventures in Wonderland is a collaborative project between National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT), Fengyuan wood arts innovation center and the Yuen Foong Yu group. Yuen Foong Yu group has donated roughly 77,600 square metres of land located in Fengyuan’s paper mill workshops, providing NTUT with the space to carry out a park plan. NTUT took this opportunity to imagine the future cultural park. The aim is to construct a cultural and creative park that revives woodworking as a trade and encourages new innovative woodwork designs. The core concept of this woodwork museum is based on Alice in Wonderland. During the visit, the individual is encouraged to explore, discover and understand the beauty of the world of wood art. The design extends the museum by combining three local factory chimneys and the architectural form is composed by multiple transparent glass panels. Taking into account of the heat, the east and west facades are constructed with wood grating that is recycled from leftover wood waste from local carpentry shops. The entire place is divided into four different spaces of sensory experiences – beginning from the white space, the visitor enters the metal space, then the digital space, and lastly, the wood space. Through all these sensory experiences, visitor familiarise themselves with timber and further deepen their knowledge of the natural resource. Similarly, the exhibition upstairs is a journey that triggers all five senses through three main concepts – the differences between east and west, Wooden Heart and the Craftsman workspace. The designers hope that, with the museum design, the city will be able to further develop the Fengyuan region. It aims to promote the traditions of Taiwan’s hand-made woodwork art and recreate a boom in Taiwan’s wood culture.

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