Magnetic force provides a magical experience to people when it is invisible. When this scientific theory is applied within the vase, it will stimulate the curiosity of the user. This is the most distinctive characteristic of the Mole Tunnel that sets it apart from conventional vases. An opaque, white all-purpose vase, the Mole Tunnel incorporates a contrasting lime coloured band that gives an indication of the amount of water that is left in the vase. By magnetic force, the width of the band automatically increases as the water level in the vase decreases. This indication does not require one to look inside the vase just to check the remaining water level, and the band is visible even from a distance. The world is full of beautiful vases made out of different materials. I believe that the functionality of this design can be applied to any charming vase. This is an effective and amusing method to measure amount water through design language of function.

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