The Modular Television adopts a modular construction by partitioning all the important components of the television into easy-to-use modules. Due to an universal interface the modules may be arranged randomly. The user chooses the components and connectors that he needs for his television and peripheral devices. An intelligent online store interface will help the user select the right parts for the setup. The design of the Modular Television transforms an ordinary electronic device into an emotionally charged and personalised item of interior furnishing. The world of home entertainment technology is very fast moving, so when new features are needed for the television, the user does not need to get a new television. With the Modular Television, one simple has to replace the outdated components with the latest upgrades. If one of the components is out of order, the user does not have to give it away, dispose it or send it for repair. Modular Television makes it easy to exchange the damaged component for a new one.

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