The Modular Printer grows with your tasks. Whether the user decides that he needs more paper trays, or want an inkjet printer for photos and a laser printer for black-and-white text, he can simply expand his Modular Printer with additional modules. Due to the universal system fastener, tools are not even needed to connect the modules. Big leaps in printer technology are seldom. But when the next big thing is going to happen, the user will be prepared to replace his outdated units with the latest upgrade. If one of the components is out of order, it won’t be necessary to give away or dispose the entire printer. Instead, the user can exchange the damaged part. While the new unit is on its way, the user can still use the other components of his printer. The Modular Printer has a compact design without unstable and protruding trays. The refined appearance is suitable for any office or living space.

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