Smartphone batteries need recharging often. To solve this problem, we could carry a mobile charger with us or create public charging stations on the street. However, the mobile charger is too cumbersome to hold while we are using the smartphone. Furthermore, charging stations would require people to wait at the utility and have their plans delayed.

The designer’s research has revealed that people usually use mobile chargers only in situations of urgency, and they don’t use up much electricity. Most of the mobile chargers on the market, however, offer a large capacity. This does not conform to our habit of use.

Mini Power can change the way we use portable charger. It makes use of paper battery technology, and has a small capacity. It offers two, four or six hours of use – just enough for an urgent situation. It can be purchased from convenience stores and recycled at the store. It does away with the need to carry around a heavy charger.

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