Most people are familiar with sofas with armrests or mobile headrests but the seating surfaces are usually static. This innovation proposed by Mellow sofa allows users to customise the firmness of the seating surface according to their particular comfort criteria. This sofa, therefore, offers non-standardised comfort options. A network of cords that are arranged in a geometric grid weaves through the foam. The tighter the cords, the more compressed the foam is and the firmer the seat will be. Conversely, if the user releases the cords, the seating becomes soft and enveloping. The user can, depending on his or her health, back, size and morphology, adjust their comfort level and re-shape the surface as many times as desired. A sofa is an important component of the home. Yet, when it deteriorates or becomes slack, it can no longer provide the comfort users need. This innovation enables users to adjust the comfort and the shape of the seat, over the years, without having to change the furniture. Thus, the lifespan of your sofa is considerably extended. Furthermore, the sofa is made from simple, natural materials – wood and foam. The different parts of the sofa can all be detached individually and placed in appropriate recycling channels.

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