MagicAir is a smart microclimate control system for households and small office. An advanced turnkey integrated solution – agile, robust and affordable – it is designed to bring clean and fresh air to everyone, everywhere. MagicAir is a modular, highly automated and adaptive system. To solve a big city’s air quality issues and to keep the indoor environment clean, the system offers a number efficient air filters within the ventilation units. This is a flexible solution – depending on individual demands, customers can pick, rearrange, move or add on their set of elements and filters without having to bear extra costs. Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) is based on the carbon dioxide concentration measurement. The system measures the carbon dioxide level in the air (it rises as people inside a space exhales) and automatically sends commands to the ventilation units to act accordingly. It provides reliable automated ventilation control with less operational costs and lower carbon footprint. Users can check the values of air quality and adjust system settings with an iOS or Android application, or through the web interface. Depending on the preferred user settings, an automated air quality control will result in perfect wellness and economy.

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