In some areas where the climate is humid and water quality is different, an electric toothbrush’s lifetime is reduced due to the accumulation of lime scale and germs that form between the contact plane and the body of the toothbrush. It brings about a bad experience for the user because it is difficult to clean thoroughly and has potential ill health effects. Magi Laderen provides the solution as an innovative electric toothbrush which is clean, convenient, and space-saving. The toothbrush holder, which is also a charger with a built-in magnet, ensures the user’s convenience and better hygiene as it prevents lime scale or germs from forming at the bottom after a long period of usage. The thin and wireless charger is bathroom-friendly, especially for those who have limited space. The process of charging is both magical and safe. When the electric toothbrush is attached to its charger, the charging starts. In order to make it safe, the elements are electrically insulated. When charging is complete, the power button lights up and blinks.

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