The Little Explorer is a space-saving foldable toy for children that incorporate the unique folding principles of origami. Environmentally conscious, this toy is made with recycled materials. It stretches easily to reveal various animal-shaped light and shadow effect, and pulls back to change in size and style. The EVA floor is printed in thermochromic ink so that when the children touch the floor, these different patterns will appear. When the children grow up, there is meaning to be found in these patterns of animals. The Little Explorer solves the problem of spatial inefficiency with a folding origami module. When parents want to assemble the folding toy, they can stretch open the cover with their bare hands. The tunnel can be shrunk to change the different angles with two styles of floors that can be assembled into different shapes, this makes it much more fun. There are multiple ways to play with Little Explorer – use it as a circle, S style tunnel, or irregular tunnel.

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