Linking Green is an intelligent system that connects everyone who cares about creating a low-carbon, environment-friendly and healthy homeland. It activates true environmental protection from a bottom-up approach. The system itself consists of an inductor, server and terminal equipment. All one has to do is to install the inductor on the power line and turn on the cell phone. They will then find a universe of like-minded people leading the same kind of energy-saving life. Linking Green has an inductor with microprocessors, an electric current inducting module and an accompanying wireless software application. In this way, everyone can learn about his or her electricity usage. Meanwhile, the inductor transmits the information to the terminal equipment and the Linking Green server, which collects information of electricity usage anonymously and shows worldwide statistics of energy consumption and preservation. Linking Green is also available on various platforms (on iOS, Android, WP, and more) and wearable devices such as Apple Watch, Google Glass and others. These services are meant to complement the individual’s low-carbon lifestyle. Not only does it calculate and display how energy is consumed but it also tells the users how they rank amongst environmentalists worldwide.

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