This rescue slide is divided into three sections, each in a reversed cross. A buffer area between two sections can effectively slow down the rate of decline. Via LIFE SLIDE, victims of the fire who are being rescued can slide down from the high-rise building. While rescue officers and medical person are getting ready at the ground level to shuttle the injured, two information lights on the connection of slide and building can show the accurate location of rescue location. Some important features of the rescue slide are: The angle of the slide which is designed at 30 degrees and proven to be absolutely safe Insulation coating on the surface of the slide that is able to resist the high heat The ventilation device placed at the top of this rescue device that protects people from smoke A folded telescopic rescue slide on the top of the vehicle which can be used for adjusting the height and the angle of the rescue slide Lastly, the top of the slide can also be used to break the windows when the situation calls for it.

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