This is part of a semester project for a product design studio at the university. During this time, individual points-of-view were exchanged as inspiration; perspectives of young designers offered new solutions; and diversity of designs translated into new approaches. The project was looking for alternatives to standard products in the market. The studio worked within parameters: the designers get to choose the materials and components for their design but they must focus on the functionality of the fixture. The light source is limited to LED COB or Midpower LED. All individuals must respect the cooling terms and keep in mind that the reflectors and driver are the most effective accessories. The design proposals should propose something more, something different from the standard products in the retail segment – a product for the future of lighting. The design must adhere to high technicality requirements and lighting parameters. There is a minimal limit of the efficiency. On the other hand, the manufacturer’s idea is to have a middle-price-range product and not the cheapest one on the market. But most importantly, the continuity of the manufacturer’s portfolio must be preserved. With LED Spotlight Concept 1, Eva Petrikova, aimed to create a retail lighting that is a compact, minimalist and originally shaped – one that would also fulfil all the required technical specifications. LED Spotlight Concept 2, designed by Matyas Kocnar, has additional advantage because it offers multiple installation options – suspension is possible from a slat, from a cable or on a wall. The design is reduced to basic but gently intertwining geometrical shapes.

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