Diabetes affects more than 371 million people worldwide and is expected to affect 552 million by 2030. While patients can live a very long and healthy life with diabetes, it is all dependent on good glycaemic control – which in turn depends on taking the required amount of insulin at the appropriate times throughout the day. KiCoPen is a smart injection pen for diabetes patients, designed to make daily management of their disease an easier, more accurate task. The device captures the exact insulin dose delivered – and wirelessly transmits the information to an associated smartphone app. It uses energy harvesting instead of a battery – the action of removing the injector cap powers the device. The associated app seamlessly gathers data on blood glucose levels, activity and food consumption, and integrates it with insulin dosage. Local and cloud-based analytics turn the data into real-time actionable insights – helping the patient stay in control. Current market offerings allow patients to know when the last insulin dose was given by freezing the time the cap was taken off the pen. This, however, leaves room for error if the cap falls off accidentally, providing false confirmation that the dose was taken. By being able to confirm the actual injection event and the exact dose of insulin delivered – and deducing the time it was delivered – via the smartphone, KiCoPen allows the patient to be confident they are on track with their daily insulin regimen. This, in turn, improves the patient’s compliance and results in better glycaemic control – helping to reduce late-stage complications. Eliminating the battery in KiCoPen gives greater design freedom to create a better user experience. It also means the injector can be more reliable, manufacturing and assembly effort is reduced, and the device can have a lower environmental footprint. The KiCoPen design allows patients to self-manage their treatment more easily, while ensuring they are getting the exact amount of insulin they need. It also proves to manufacturers that such an innovative, low-cost design can be applied to pre-filled pens. The breakthrough KiCoPen design heralds a new era of disease management services. The innovative technology opens up new revenue models and offers competitive edge in the drug delivery market.

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