At first glance, KEAS MOV1 may look like a part of a well-crafted ceramic bowl. Upon closer observation, however, one will notice the speaker component, in a still position, seemingly ready to spill over the edge until it is turned on and, all at once, only music overflows. The KEAS MOV1 comes in a diverse range of colours, texture and designs that would complement any preferred taste or personality. The portable ceramic bowl speakers can fit atop counter tops of kitchens, dressers of bedrooms, or consuls in hallways – not bounded to a fixed spot. It is meant to blend in with the home while adding to the flavour and ambience of any room. The blending of hard electronics with soft earthenware is unprecedented. This is where fine china meets cutting-edge sound technology, merging the latest consumer electronics with traditional ceramic art. Handcrafted with warmth and emotions, ceramic as a material replaces the hard and cold as the new status in acoustical equipment. The challenge lay in producing ceramic bowls en masse that would maintain accurate dimensions, as the finished ceramic products depend on the temperature of kilns that will always be unpredictable. The solution came in the way of a partnership with a leading manufacturer of ceramics ware that enables ceramic production for mass consumption, keeping this product accessible to everyone.

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