The concept started from a simple question: How can a traditional mechanical watch be made into a fully functional smart watch? First of all, it had to be free from design limitations. Round, hexagonal, rectangular or even oval-shaped cases should be made possible. The decorations, hands, bezels and dials are the face of the watch and should be visible.

The heart of a watch should be able to boast the fine craftsmanship of mechanical movement. By keeping these core design factors alive, the designers came up with the idea of incorporating a transparent OLED (TOLED) display unit below the crystal sapphire glass. However, in order to squeeze in a PCB (printed circuit board) module and battery inside, they had to design a unique battery in order to keep the watch from being too tall. The battery was made into a doughnut shape, which made it possible to encircle the mechanical movement while saving precious space. Put it all together, and the result was the world’s first fully functional mechanical smart watch hybrid.

From a design perspective, the model has taken design inspiration from the inside of a desktop computer. The target demographic for Kairos mechanical smart watches are people in their 30s and 40s who grew up with desktop computers rather than SSD (solid state drive) laptops, tablets and smart phones. The second hand, for example, is replaced with fan blades representing the cooling fans. The mesh cover above the open heart area is also used to represent the fan covers. The face plate is engraved with a circuit board design. The case also represents coil packs.

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