The challenge pursued in this design was to provide another ‘voice’ for analogue watches – to offer an innovative design while maintaining readability and the possibility of realistic production. KAARI makes use of a commercially available 24-hour mechanism, which has a “hidden potential” for indicating time in another way. In a 24-hour analogue mechanism, the hour speed moves at half the normal speed. Therefore, only half of the KAARI watch face is involved in indicating the time. The watch face has two arc-shaped die cuts. Through them, the turning hour and minute hands can be seen.

The hour hand (that rotates 360º in 24 hours) is visible only through the smaller radius arc and is shaped as a disc (or another circular shape) divided into two equal segments of different colours (one half in white and the other in black). It indicates am (white) or pm (black) hours, depending on the colour that is visible. The line between these two colour segments points to the exact hour. The minute hand (that rotates 360º in 1 hour) is visible only through the bigger radius arc. The minute hand indicates the minutes with its ‘solid’ end. The 0-30 minutes dials is located on the inner radius of the arc, and the 30-60 minutes slot is positioned on the outer radius.

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