There are an increasing number of people who are confused by sight problems, such as myopia. An incorrect reading habit is usually the main cause of sight problems. IsighT Glasses is a product that focuses correcting ill reading habits. It is designed with a pair of lens that will dim to stop the user from reading under certain conditions that are not suitable to read, thus reminding the user to recalibrate their reading style to protect their eyes. IsighT Glasses consists of a switch, a frame and a pair of lens. When reading, one simply presses a button to activate the protective function. A light frame automatically detects the distance from the book, the brightness and the time of reading, after which it analyses whether the conditions are suitable for reading. The smart lens will dim to interrupt the reading session if conditions are not suitable to read. If the user’s eyes are too close from the book, the lens will dim to remind the user to coordinate to suitable distance. If the light is too dark, the lens will dim until the user moves to a brighter environment. If the user has been reading for a long time, the lens will dim for a while to remind the user to take a break.

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