The designer behind IoT Smart Bike based the design on the characteristics of the scorpion. The smooth curves and streamlined top-tube and sheet tube are reminiscent of the scorpion’s head to tail. The bicycle crank is extra strong and thick representing the strength of the scorpion and the geometry of the bicycle is that of a fixie bike, a bicycle without a freewheel, thereby making it agile.   Current anti-theft protection tend to only involve a lock. Security therefore depends on the thickness of the lock, once the lock is broken, the bicycle is lost. To prevent this, the designer installed a GPS Communication Adapter to the bicycle. In combination with an App, owners will be able to track their lost bicycles in real time. In addition, the App will alert the owner if the bicycle is tampered with or moved. IoT Smart Bike also includes customisable options, such as an attachable bag or water bottle cage.

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