The functions offered by most blood pressure monitors are very simple, and they cannot provide the customisable service. The user is not aware of the monitored data intuitively, and can’t enjoy the convenience offered by the mobile internet age. iDoctor overcomes these issues.

iDoctor is a compact portable blood pressure monitor that uses a fingerprint sensor to keep one’s data secure. As it measures one’s blood pressure, iDoctor emits coloured warning lights. A green light means the blood pressure data is normal. An orange light means the patient is approaching hypertension or hypotension, and needs to take preventative measures. A red light means the patient is hypertensive or hypotensive, and should seek help immediately from their doctor.

iDoctor uploads the data to a smart device via Bluetooth. An app stores and shares the data, and informs family members and one’s medical institution via the cloud. The data will be examined by the doctor, who will send advice back to the patient.

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