Storing luggages away when they are not in use can be a problem especially if the user does not have a lot of space. GooBag’s collapsible function easily transforms itself into a compact state. Within a few seconds, the user can compact a GooBag and slip it under the bed or store it inside another luggage bag. To return a GooBag from its compact state into a luggage, the user only has to unzip the top cover and push the lock button. The side sections and wheels will spring out automatically and release the main compartment. The user then has to unfold the handle and stretch it upwards to form the entire luggage bag. GooBag is made of durable, stain- and water-resistant materials. It is specifically designed for frequent travellers who are always on the move and still want a sophisticated look. It is also unisex and suitable for versatile travels, business or for everyday use.

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