Fish surgery is a common but lesser known procedure. During a surgery, an extra vet is usually required to hold a tube and move it across both sets of gills to keep water flowing over them. This keeps the fish breathing and asleep. The Gilligator is a mouthpiece that can keep the tube in place and stand up to sharp teeth. It is designed for the Vancouver Aquarium to reduce the number of vets needed to perform a surgery in a small space, while also improving water flow to the fish in surgery. A mouthpiece holds the entire device in place, keeps water inside of the fish’s mouth and ensures water flow towards the gills. It is made of a strong but flexible plastic that can bend and flex. It is removable, replaceable and comes in different sizes and shapes for fish of different types. The mouthpiece attaches easily to the sprayer, which has a control valve to manage and adjust the pressure of water for different fish.

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