This is a future-proof retail formula that was originally designed for KPN, a company based in The Netherlands. Retail formula: Technological developments are radically impacting the society and it’s approach to customer service. Although KPN continually offers new products and services, customer behaviour changes less rapidly. The pilot stores reflect KPN’s omni-channel approach by integrating online shopping and customer centres. In so doing, the number of ‘contact moments’ with customers has increased. The brand promise of ‘Feel Free’ is reinforced and underlined in the new stores, with each product square igniting a connection with the services of KPN. The new stores are a physical manifestation of the KPN website where customers can touch and test out the latest technologies to find the best products and services to make their life and work easier and more fun. Experience and services: KPN is moving from a “product-orientated shop with intangible services” to “an environment focused on experience and service”. This is a place where the online KPN experience merges with the physical world and a place to discover and test out new products and services. This is where dialogue and interaction between customer and KPN shapes todays and tomorrows services; and where you can surf the Internet, watch interactive television and make phone calls. Waiting no longer exists. Getting advised or serviced in this inspiring environment is an experience in itself. Social component: The modularity of this design is created based on an alternative development for a future roll-out of a formula that intends to introduce a social component. The making of the interior objects will be done by people who are removed from the labour market. By doing so, the project goes beyond being an exemplary solution for a smart retail interior. Instead, it creates added value through empowerment and education. In this way, the physical realisation of the interior makes more impact environmentally, socially and economically than traditional interior projects. It calls out to all designers to generate alternative models for development that answers the larger challenges in retail that the society as a whole faces. Perception and interaction: The concept store comprises two main elements – a central object composed with modular elements for seating, displaying smartphones, tablets, handsets and the latest gadgets and accessories; and the smart wall that is positioned around this object. The screens are equipped with infrared and a Kinect technology that responds to the movement of the visitors. By connecting the individual screens, a life-sized touch screen with a diagonal length of more than 5.5 metres is created. Dynamic and flexible: The flexible spatial structure allows for adaptations, making the shop future-proof. It is a clever concept that offers solutions for scalability and repeatability. The dynamic environment made with original materials shapes the experience of KPN products and services – a place where you can sit in different ways, stand, hang, lie or move around; a multipurpose room where changes for product presentations can be easily made; a spatial concept with a 360-degree experience and allure of the absolute market leader. Module: The spatial configuration built out of modular elements will vary per store. Depending on the location, the configuration can be derived based on a set of design rules. These rules guarantee a configuration that meets the KPN routing, product presentation and service standards. Lighting and technology are integrated, and add-ons such as cash registers, service points, seating and tables are placed on the modules. Products are presented in different layers in the configuration. Different product displays can be attached to the modules. These product display stands have an integrated digital price tag. Technology and narrative: The Smart Wall is an interactive wall and forms the link between the online world of KPN and the physical store. Each object in the configuration is coupled to an interactive part of the wall. Here customers can experience and try the products and services of KPN. LED walls are positioned between the interactive Smart Walls. These are backlit with LED displays and programmed to depict abstract images. These include everyday situations related to the seasons, such as growing grass, falling leaves, footsteps in the snow or flying birds. This transforms the shop throughout the year. For each season, scenarios are developed for the day and night situation. The configuration of blocks and the Smart Wall become a dynamic narrative. Each store is individually programmable on site and the entire chain of stores can also be centrally controlled so that identical expressions become possible in the Netherlands for each shop simultaneously. Printed posters and price tags are a thing of the past.

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