Fly Emotive is a transformative in-flight magazine. It populates content based on the breadth of emotions experienced by a diverse spectrum of travellers. This e-Zine is designed to leverage the positive emotions of flying and alter the negative. It works by recognising an individual’s state of mind and responds by changing colour, tone, content, and interactive artefacts. Current magazines do not engage users’ emotions. By creating a magazine that is more empathetic and connects with people’s emotions, a powerful transformative experience can be created. Through memorable experiences, brand loyalty develops. Not only is a product like this important for brands, it is equally important for customers. Fly emotive gives customers the control and the ability to combat the stressful nature of travel. For example, Marilyn is a nervous flyer. She uses the sliders to plot her emotion. Sliders are an intuitive mechanism and they are easily adjusted. Once Marilyn’s feelings are recognised and plotted, Fly Emotive collates magazine content appropriate to that feeling, drawing from a pool of crowd sourced content. A magazine for Marilyn would consist of softer colours, longer reads, less jarring interactions and relaxing music.

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