To change the everyday experience and frustration of using a traditional lint roller, Flint was developed as a simple, retractable, refillable lint roller that transforms and modernises conventional lint rollers – a category that has seen little innovation since its debut in 1956. The design team set out to create a tactile and considered experience, without sacrificing making a leap in its usability. Firstly, the large size of existing lint rollers is addressed without significantly reducing the size of the adhesive paper. At 13.4 centimetres in length and 3.3 centimetres in diameter, Flint is almost 50% smaller than the average household lint roller when retracted. Through the patented retractable system, Flint extends to twice its length, solving the issue of size and portability. This makes Flint an outstanding travel companion. When traditional lint rollers do not encourage refilling, this creates waste and adds to landfill. The design team knew that a simple refill mechanism would have to be incorporated to make Flint an environmentally responsible product. So Flint’s tape took over one year to develop in Japan and the outcome is a highly technical paper with two overlapping adhesive surfaces that pick up both surface and deep debris. An advanced perforation line makes tearing the sheets simple, fast and reliable. To appeal to the widest audience, a product has to be designed with great emotional appeal and versatility for market crossovers. Therefore, Flint’s colour palette is fun and engaging, while the soft finishes add sophistication and playfulness. Flint’s cap and bases are easily interchangeable, allowing for personalisation and creativity for both the designers and users. Flint is revolutionary in the global household and fashion accessories market, delivering the best in functional and class experience.

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