FlexibleTunnel simplifies the vehicular data and redesigns the readability to allow the driver to acquire information immediately. User Interface Placement– The most essential information including speed, RPM and gear is located at the upper middle part of the dashboard. The auxiliary driving information is placed to the left and will alert the driver as an accident warning is detected from either sides of the car. The vehicle data on the bottom right incorporates a reminder to ensure that the vehicle is in good shape. Gas and water level and mileage are placed below the vehicle data – placed at the most comfortable spot for the driver’s eyes so that he can check on the information frequently. Driving— When the vehicle starts, the FlexibleTunnel will be awakened and extended. The ‘forward line’ and the ‘lane line’ light will turn on accordingly. When driving on a curve, the FlexibleTunnel will show the ‘forward line’ moving and curving just like the vehicle does. When driving at a high speed, the FlexibleTunnel will automatically enter its orange-red, high-speed mode and transform the speed into spatial excitement for the driver. Assistance– The FlexibleTunnel sounds out warnings in stages to help the driver keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. When the vehicle attempts to shift lanes, the ‘forward line’ will shift out and across the lane; meanwhile, the blinking ‘forward line’ will also warn the driver. The blind spot detector will trigger a warning when the direction light is on. Through the warning from both sides, the driver can get a hold of both blind spots.

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