To counter the growth of meat production worldwide, Farm 432 enables people to become independent from the system of current meat production by growing their own protein source at home. It is the only device of its kind to automate the entire growth process from incubation to harvest inside a closed system, making it both user-friendly and efficient. After 432 hours, 1 gram of black soldier fly eggs will turn into 2.4 kilogram of larvae protein. The larvae would self-harvest and fall clean, after which it is ready to eat into a harvest bucket. Black soldier fly adults don´t eat, therefore they don´t have any mouth parts and do not transmit any disease. The larvae can be fed on bio waste, therefore the production almost costs no water or CO2. Black soldier fly larvae are one of the most efficient protein converters in the insect kingdom, containing up to 42% of protein (dried), a lot of calcium and amino acids.

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