With great features such as the ultra-wide angle lens, 4K video, 16M pixels pictures, multiple capture modes, Fancam is the perfect device for full HD videos, which can be easily and directly shared on social media via the camera’s affiliated application, ConcCam App. This is a specially designed water-and-dustproof, wearable action camera. Its award winning ultra-compact design makes Fancam extremely portable compared to other large cameras. Fancam is among the world’s first few life cameras that supports 4K-definition. It also has a super-wide angle lens that provides a 152-degree view, almost twice as wide as a regular smart phone camera. Not all screens are created equal. Fancam provides a self-powered screen. With a built-in 1100mAh battery, the user can use the screen as much as he likes. He can also rotate it to any angle, and thus, take pictures with more freedom. For a longer recording time, the specially designed magnetic battery case makes it insanely easy to change the battery. There is no need to shut down the camera – simply snap the magnets together and there will be power. In addition, Fancam provides complete protection from all natural environments. Equipped with professional waterproof housing, underwater depth as deep as 60 metres is supported. Meanwhile, the housing can keep the camera away from dust and shock. The user can enjoy himself without worrying about damaging the camera.

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