The deterioration of vision often results in the enhancement of other senses and allows the person to use alternative techniques to accomplish life’s daily activities. One of the many daily challenges experienced by a person with visual impairment is telling the time.

Ehsaas is the word for “feel” in the Hindi language. Ehsaas is a watch for the visually impaired. The watch uses the principle of the Braille writing system. Its wearer feels the dots on the watch face to read the time. The watch uses electronic active polymer technology. A rigid glass substrate has an overlying plastic substrate. Pixel circuits are formed trough the plastic substrate to indicate the Braille numerals.

The watch has an elastic strap as an alternative to the conventional buckle system, which may cause inconvenience for the wearer. The watch is packaged in a box that is easy to hold and has a strong tactile dimension. The instructions are written on the top of the box in Braille.

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