Eclipse of Rainbow is a lighting object that uses LED lighting technology. The source of inspiration was derived from nature – specifically, the eclipse phenomenon and the scientific concept that the seven colours of the rainbow is refracted from white light. The concept was executed practically by inserting a disc between the light source and the level of projection. This also happens during an eclipse when an astronomical object is obscured by another object that is passing through between the object and the viewer. Aesthetically the object is based on the principle of contrast in light and shadow, black and white. A colourful and elaborate shading is carried out by a subtractive, black and white design approach that gave rise to an unexpected outcome. In terms of functionality and how light is rendered from the light sources, seven LED bulbs when placed at a particular angle against a compact disc will result in an optical effect between two – a colourful pattern on the floor and a white light composition on the compact disc level.

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