The living environment for an elderly is relatively simple but most of the time, too many switches in one narrow space, the lack of switch indicators, or the lack of light indicators lead to repetitive operations. Easy-switch aims to solve these problems to bring more convenience and joy to the elderlies. As a measure to reduce repetitive operation, big and small switches can be used to indicate, respectively, a commonly used switch and a not-commonly-used switch. The commonly used switch can also be highlighted with a colorful button or a simple icon to suggest its relevant facilities, such as the toilet and shower space, bath heater, kitchen space, meeting space, living room, et cetera. Firstly, the switch statuses have to show up distinctively. An indicator at the bottom of the switch shows a green light when the status is ‘on’, and shows up transparent when the status is ‘off’. Secondly, the indicators have to be visually clear under low light conditions. Light sensing modules can be added so that a backlight lights up in low light conditions, providing the elderly with care and guidance. This product is also appropriate and convenient for regular households aside from elderly apartments.

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