As mobile transactions become more common, the functions of the transaction devices also broaden while increasing in complexity. The complex user interfaces, inadequate feedback and instructions from the device trigger insecurities among users because consumers do not have control over the transaction process. Taking these problems as a starting point, DUO emerges as a portable EFTPOS terminal device that provides multisensory feedback with improved security and privacy. Through the use of tactile, audible and visual feedback, as well as a rotatable display with smart UX design, DUO meets the varying needs of merchants and consumers. While improvements on the merchant’s side relate to the controls on the touch screen, improvements on the consumer’s side focus on tactile interaction and cognitive ergonomics. The screen changes its state when it is flipped around to face the consumer and only provides information that is required for the transaction. The user is encouraged to proceed with the transaction with faith, knowing that there is a clear line between the merchant’s and the consumer’s actions. Besides, DUO communicates with payers through lit indicators about the status of transaction. At the same time, the merchant also receives status information about the transaction process on its side. Apart from these features, the ergonomic quality of the device directs users to the right card openings in an intuitive manner. With these feature, DUO aims to give consumers control over the payment process and allow them to make monetary transactions independently without any additional help.

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