It has become so convenient to make coffee that the process has grown monotonous and irresponsible, thereby creating unnecessary packaging waste. This prompts a redesign of the process to reduce waste and make dispensing coffee a more delightful experience. Drawing upon the varying and delightful experience of gumball machines, personalised soluble coffee pods are designed with different possibilities – each pod is covered in a layer of flavoured sugar and cream of different thickness (different content levels) to suit individual taste preferences. Intuitively designed, the user simply places a coffee pod in the top basin before touching the button on the front nozzle to activate the process. This releases a stream of hot water that infuses the coffee slowly and dissolves the coffee pods. The coffee maker is designed in a stackable system, with a top heating and dispensing element (the ‘heating basin’), a water container in the middle, and a base that links to the power source. Stacking these parts completes the circuit by magnetic conduction and allows the coffee maker to power up.

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