Milk and toys are probably the most essential products purchased for kids by parents. Drink’n Play is a multi-purpose design that aims to combine these two purposes into one product. Ball-shaped bottles can be connected to each other in a modular and flexible way using the mouth of each bottle and tapped holes are placed around, just like the LEGO pieces that many are familiar with. This design allows an unlimited number of different toys to be created, and hence, nourishing the child’s creativity, while offering an economical options for parents who can now spend less money on buying different toys. The design intends to aid parents who sometimes have difficulty encouraging their children to drink milk. By luring them with the added toy function, the playful design motivates children to drink milk in a fun way, while stimulating and nurturing healthy eating habits in them. The innovative approach in this design with it different forms and colours also aims to revamp the product package and set it apart from those of competitors.

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