With respect to spatial expression, the DORN BRACHT in Modern Age project uses time latitude to create the concept of space. Although an arc wall has no superfluous moulding, visitors are able to feel a quiet and gentle stream. However, it is not a real stream, but a kind of atmosphere created by sight and sound effects. The spatial experience can be changed up with different artistic conceptions, such as the whirling shadow of trees or dim moonlight, all depending on the intended time-based environment. The designer attempts to simulate the transience of time through digital technology in order to create interlaced and changeable time-based dimensions. The highlight of the design is its ability to switch between spatial functions, such as museums, forums and parties, within the same space. This space is the magician of spatial transformation. Comprising 6 active LED walls, the space changes its size through wall movements so that true sanitary fittings can appear on the LED wall to simulate the spatial reality of different scenarios. This spatial experience creates a dialogue between the virtual space and the true products, which excites the viewer’s mind and body.

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