The hospital environment can be very stressful, so it is important to focus on the design of medical equipment in order to decrease the number of stress factors. Computed tomography (CT) scanners are among the most often used medical devices for patient body imaging. The way most manufacturers design these devices is very similar and conventional. This was the motivation for proposing a new CT scanner design.

CT scanners put high demands on daily maintenance in general, and some of it is caused by the fact that the device body and patient table are separate. Therefore, another goal was to present a different and unconventional solution for the patient table in order to allow for easier and more efficient daily maintenance and cleaning.

The designer aimed to respect the rules of ergonomics by providing maximum comfort for patients on the scanning table. Thanks to the vertical movement of the patient table it is easy for patients to lie down and get up again. The shape of the table keeps the patient from falling off. The suspension of the table from the side of the device allows for more efficient floor cleaning. Daily operation is pleasant for hospital staff thanks to optimised placement of displays and controls in areas most suitable according to ergonomic requirements.

The ShellTec CT scanner integrates all structural parts into one unit – the ‘shell’. The elimination of the gantry support columns and the removal of the support base of the patient table radically changes the outward appearance of this CT scanner. It has an elegant and smooth shape without any visible technical parts. Its internal technical layout follows that of other modern CT scanners. Colours were chosen according to their psychological effect on patients.

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