Conventional microwave ovens have a number of disadvantages. Firstly, because of its rectangular form, buffer space is required to open the oven door. Secondly, accidentally leaving the microwave oven door open can cause accidents, especially for children. To address these issues, a microwave oven in a cylindrical shape is proposed. In its cylindrical form, it is highly space efficient because it eliminates the dead space that a regular rectangular oven would have. This form is designed to fit the circular rotating plate and to heat the food evenly. The Cylinder Microwaveoven also works with a sliding oven door so that no additional space is needed for the opening and closing of the oven door, nor do objects in front of the oven have to be removed. Furthermore, there is less risk of a child getting injured by a swinging oven door. Lastly, the oven can be monitored and controlled wireless via a smart phone.

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