The distribution of disposable products that are being used carelessly for human convenience has shaken up the environmental order and caused problems like global warming, desertification, and energy and resource depletion that threaten the livelihood of humanity. The CUPCYCLE toolkit is created to protect the environment and help find new uses for disposable take-out cups that are often thoughtlessly thrown away after a brief usage. Disposable take-out cups are sometimes used for growing sprouts after their initial use. Taking this as a basis, the CUPCYLE is designed as a flowerpot that combines the function of a disposable take-out cup. It is a kit that promotes the ‘upcycing’ of take-out cups. By applying biodegradable materials (such as corn scratch), we enable the CUPCYCLE toolkit to be replanted in a flower garden, without having to repot it separately as the plant grows bigger and taller. This is because the CUPCYCLE toolkit can be completely decomposed by natural processes. In summary, the CUPCYCLE is a toolkit that considers both everyday usability and environmental preservation at the same time

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