Since the rise of Nespresso coffeemakers that makes its appearance in almost every home, homemade coffee has started to smell and taste the same. Therefore, a reverse trend seems to be in the making as consumers return to the traditional way of coffee making. The classic drip coffee is also back in vogue. Reintroducing the manual coffee maker allows users to get in touch with the traditional way of coffee preparation. It is the coffee brewing system that was invented in the fifties that was unique. Now, here comes Crema Coffee Robot 1986 that provides consumers with the same great and unique great flavour and the vintage experience to reminisce upon. To use Crema Coffee Robot 1986, push the lever and piston up and add finely grounded coffee powder into filter basket. The coffee powder will be tampered and protected by a shower-screen tamper. Next, pour hot water onto the compacted coffee bed with the basket in the holder. Lastly, pull the lever down and the piston will be guided downwards into the filter basket, sealing it and creating pressure. Slowly apply pressure and one will get rewarded accordingly.

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