Max 3 is a new, innovative contrast media injector, which is used during magnetic resonance imaging. The main advantage of this injector is the unique roll-pump system that uses disposables consisting of two parts: the Easy-Click-Set with integrated pump tubing, as well as the separate patient tubing. Compared to conventional syringe pump systems the Easy-Click-Set can be used 24 hours a day. This means that the injector only needs to be set-up once daily and only the patient tubing needs to be changed after each patient. This leads to timesaving advantages of up to 70%. This principle makes radiology workflow significantly easier and leads to timesaving and stress-free applications. Staff can use the time saved to focus on the patient. The system enables swift and comfortable changes between patients, in addition to saving time and cost for hospitals. The contrast media injector Max 3 optimally fits into modern examination rooms. The ergonomic device design enables simple handling for staff. The cordless design allows the injector to be easily moved and used in multiple examination rooms. The sleek shape also facilitates extremely fast, thorough cleaning. The development of our contrast media injectors focuses on the highest degree of hygiene and safety combined with user-friendly use and proven cost-effectiveness.

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